Interface Summary
FieldClonator Used by Tuple.deepCopy(ITuple, java.util.Map) to allow deep copy of objects that Pangool don't know how to copy.
ITuple This is the common interface implemented by tuples.
NextByte Copyright [2012] [Datasalt Systems S.L.] Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
Schema.Field.FieldConfigurable Interface that allows to receive ITuple field's metadata.

Class Summary
BitField Bit Field class.
BytesWritable A byte sequence that is usable as a key or value.
BytesWritable.Comparator A Comparator optimized for BytesWritable.
Mutator Miscellaneous utilities for mutating Pangool schemas.
Schema A list of Schema.Field elements that a ITuple instance contains.
Schema.Field A field is an abstract data type that can be one of this: A 32-bit signed int; A 64-bit signed long; A 32-bit IEEE single-float; or A 64-bit IEEE double-float; or A unicode string; A boolean; or An enum, containing one of a small set of symbols; A byte buffer An arbitrary object, serializable by Hadoop's serialization

A field can be constructed using one of its static createXXX methods.

Tuple This is the basic implementation of ITuple.
TupleFile Utilities class for reading and writing binary files with ITuple.
TupleFile.Reader Reads SequenceFiles containing @{link ITuple} written using TupleFile.Writer.
TupleFile.Writer Class for writing files containing ITuple.
Utf8 Main String type for Pangool.
ViewTuple A ITuple with a contained one, but that creates a read only view over it and filtering only for some fields.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
Tuple.IDontKnowHowToCopyThisStuff Thrown by Tuple.deepCopy(ITuple, java.util.Map) in the case of field of a type that Pangool doesn't know how to copy it.

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