Class TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector

  extended by com.datasalt.pangool.tuplemr.mapred.lib.input.TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector
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public static class TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector
extends Object
implements Serializable

When provided, will use it as a mapping between the text file columns and the provided Schema. This is useful if the text file has a lot of columns but we only care about some of them. For example if we provide a 3-field Schema we then could provide 3 indexes here that will map to the schema by column index.

Remember that indexes go from [0 to n - 1]

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
static TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector NONE
Constructor Summary
TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector(Integer... fieldIndexesToSelect)
Method Summary
 int select(int index)
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Field Detail


public static final TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector NONE
Constructor Detail


public TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector(Integer... fieldIndexesToSelect)
Method Detail


public int select(int index)

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