Package com.datasalt.pangool.tuplemr.mapred.lib.input

Class Summary
CascadingTupleInputFormat A wrapper around a SequenceFile that contains Cascading's Tuples that implements a Pangool-friendly InputFormat.
DelegatingInputFormat<K,V> An InputFormat that delegates behavior of paths to multiple other InputFormats.
DelegatingMapper An Mapper that delegates behavior of paths to multiple other mappers.
DelegatingRecordReader<K,V> This is a delegating RecordReader, which delegates the functionality to the underlying record reader in TaggedInputSplit
FileSplit A section of an input file.
FixedWidthCSVTokenizer A custom CSVTokenizer for input lines with fixed width fields.
HCatTupleInputFormat A bridge between HCatalog and Pangool that makes any HCatInputFormat compatible with Pangool.
NullableCSVTokenizer A custom CSVTokenizer policy that detects and provides null values if needed.
PangoolMultipleInputs This class supports MapReduce jobs that have multiple input paths with a different InputFormat and Mapper for each path.
TaggedInputSplit An InputSplit that tags another InputSplit with extra data for use by DelegatingInputFormats and DelegatingMappers.
TupleFileRecordReader An RecordReader for TupleFiles.
TupleInputFormat An InputFormat for reading TupleFiles containing ITuple
TupleTextInputFormat A special input format that supports reading text lines into ITuple.
TupleTextInputFormat.FieldSelector When provided, will use it as a mapping between the text file columns and the provided Schema.

Exception Summary
InvalidInputException This class wraps a list of problems with the input, so that the user can get a list of problems together instead of finding and fixing them one by one.

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