Package com.datasalt.pangool.tuplemr.mapred

Class Summary
GroupComparator Tuple-based MapRed jobs binary group comparator.
MapOnlyMapper<I1,I2,O1,O2> Mapper to be implemented by Map-only jobs.
RollupReducer<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE> This Reducer implements a similar functionality than SimpleReducer but adding a Rollup feature.
SerializerComparator A simple RawComparator and Serializable that compares in binary.
SimpleReducer<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE> This is a proxy Reducer implementation that delegates its funcionality to a TupleReducer instance configured by TupleMRBuilder.setTupleReducer(TupleReducer)
SortComparator Tuple-based MapRed job binary comparator.
TupleIterator<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE> Iterator used in SimpleReducer and RollupReducer.

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