Package com.datasalt.pangool.tuplemr

Class Summary
Aliases Builder that contains pairs of (alias, referenced_item).
Criteria Criteria specifies a sorting criteria defined by a list of Criteria.SortElement instances that contain a field name and its corresponding order defined by Criteria.Order.
Criteria.SortElement Basic Criteria element.
MapOnlyJobBuilder The MapOnlyJobBuilder is a simple Pangool primitive that executes map-only Jobs.
MultipleInputsInterface This class encapsulates the functionality of a builder such as TupleMRBuilder that provides Multiple Inputs.
NamedOutputsInterface This class encapsulates the functionality of a builder such as TupleMRBuilder that provides Named Outputs.
OrderBy OrderBy is a convenience builder used by TupleMRConfig , similar to Criteria.
SerializationInfo Contains information about how to perform binary internal serialization and comparison.
TupleMapper<INPUT_KEY,INPUT_VALUE> TupleMapper is the Tuple-based Hadoop's Mapper version.
TupleMapper.Collector Class for collecting data inside a TupleMapper.
TupleMRBuilder TupleMRBuilder creates Tuple-based Map-Reduce jobs.
TupleMRConfig TupleMRConfig contains the entire configuration parameters from a Tuple-based job.
TupleMRConfigBuilder ConfigBuilder creates TupleMRConfig immutable instances.
TupleReducer<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE> This is the common interface that any TupleMRBuilder job needs to implement.
TupleReducer.StaticCollector<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE,CONTEXT_OUTPUT_KEY,CONTEXT_OUTPUT_VALUE> A base class for the TupleReducer.Collector
TupleRollupReducer<OUTPUT_KEY,OUTPUT_VALUE> Similar to TupleReducer but added functionality to be used with rollup

Enum Summary

Exception Summary

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